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Task 39 Newsletters

Triennium VIII (2022-2024)

Issue 59: Biofuels Policies and Market in Belgium

Triennium VII (2019-2021)

Issue 58: Biofuels Policies and Market in Norway

Issue 57: Biofuels Policies and Market in Ireland

Issue 56: India Biofuel economy roadmap- Challenges & Prospects

Issue 55: Sweden targets world’s highest biofuel blending

Issue 54: Biofuels Production and Consumption in Germany: Status, Advances and Challenges

Issue 53: Biofuels Production and Consumption in Denmark: Status, Advances and Challenges

Issue 52: Summary of Task 39/JRC Sustainability Workshop and The Netherlands’ New National Climate Agreement

Issue 51: Biofuels Production and Consumption in Brazil: Status, Advances and Challenges

Triennium VI (2016-2018) Issue 50

Issue 49

Issue 48

Issue 47

Biofuels Production and Consumption in the European Union and a summary of the most recent Task 39 meeting in San Francisco

Biofuels in Canada and a summary of Task 39’s significant achievements in 2016-2018 triennium

Biofuels in USA and Task 39 business meeting in Beijing, China

Task 39 Newsletter – Issue 47 – December 2017

Issue 46 Task 39 Newsletter – Issue 46 – August 2017
Issue 45 Biofuels in Korea
 Issue 44 Biofuels in Austria
 Issue 43 Biofuels Developments in Australia
 Issue 42 Biofuels in Sweden
Issue 41 Biofuels for transport in Germany
Issue 40 Opportunities for biofuels in New Zealand
 Issue 39  Biofuels in Denmark
   Issue 38  Biofuels in the Netherlands
 Triennium V  Issue 37  Biofuels in Brazil
  (2013-2015) Issue 36 Current status of biofuels development in the USA
Issue 35 Canada – Recent Progress in Transportation biofuels
Issue 34 Norway – Recent Progress in Transport Biofuels
Issue 33 South Africa – Biofuel Developments in South Africa
Triennium IV Issue 32 Australia – Transportation Biofuels in Australia
 (2010-2012) Issue 31 South Korea – Progress on Transportation Biofuels
Issue 30 Italy – Current Biofuel Policies and R&D Developments
Issue 29 Germany – Recent Progress in the Development of Biofuels
Issue 28 Austria – Transportation Biofuels Research in Austria
Issue 27 Sweden – Recent Progress in Biofuels
Issue 26 Finland – Recent Progress in Transport Biofuels
Issue 25 Recent ABE Biofuel Progress in the UK
Issue 24 Biofuel R&D in New Zealand – April 2010
Triennium III Issue 23 Recent Progress of Biofuels in Japan
 (2007-2009) Issue 22 Biochemical Conversion R&D in Denmark and Inbicon A/S
Issue 21 Special reports – Cork Symposium & Bioethanol R&D at NREL
Issue 20 Food vs. fuel issues
Issue 19 New EU Directive on Renewable Energy
Issue 18 Implementation Issues
Triennium II Issue 17 Special report – Vancouver Workshop
(2004-2006) Issue 16 Research in Sweden
Issue 15 Special report – Ystad Workshop
Issue 14 1st International Biorefinery Workshop report
Issue 13 27th Symposium on Biotechnology report
Issue 12 Special report – Kyoto Workshop
Issue 11 Biodiesel – yesterday, today and tomorrow?
Issue 10 Policy options to support bioethanol
Issue 9 Introduction to the 2nd triennium
Triennium I Issue 8 Spotlight on biodiesel
  (2001-2003) Issue 7 Non-technical barriers to biofuels
Issue 6 25th Symposium on Biotechnology report
Issue 5 Subtask reports
Issue 4 Report on the policy subtask
Issue 3 EU Directive on Biofuels
Issue 2 Country reports – IEA Task 39 members
Issue 1 Introduction & subtask reports