Task 39 is a group of international experts working on commercializing sustainable biofuels used for transportation. We are part of International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Task Collaboration Programme for bioenergy, IEA Bioenergy.


Purpose of Task 39 

GreenEarthHandsThe goal of Task 39 is to provide participants with comprehensive information to assist with the development and deployment of transportation biofuels. The Task coordinates both technical and the infrastructure issues related to biofuels. To meet this goal, the Task objectives are to:

1. Provide information and analyses on policy, markets and implementation issues that help encourage the adoption of sustainable conventional biofuels and help commercialize advanced liquid biofuels as a replacement for fossil-based fuels

2. Catalyze cooperative research and development projects that will help participants develop improved, cost-effective processes for the production of advanced liquid biofuels.

3. Provide information dissemination, outreach to stakeholders, and coordination with other related groups


Guiding Principles – IEA Bioenergy

Vision: To accelerate the production and use of environmentally sound, socially accepted and cost-competitive bioenergy on a sustainable basis. To achieve a substantial bioenergy contribution to future global energy demands by thus providing increased security of supply while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy use.

Mission: To facilitate the commercialization and market deployment of environmentally sound, socially acceptable, and cost competitive bioenergy systems and technologies, and to advise policy and industrial decision makers accordingly.

Strategy: To provide platforms for international collaboration and information exchange in bioenergy research, development, demonstration, and policy analysis. This includes:


  • Development of networks
  • Dissemination of information
  • Provision of science-based technology analysis
  • Support and advice to policy makers, involvement of industry