Technology and Commercialisation Projects


Title: Ongoing progress in the commercialisation of SAF/biojet fuel
Leader: Jack Saddler


Title: Progress in the commercialisation of drop-in biofuels and co-processing to produce low-CI transport fuels
Leader: Jack Saddler


Title: Extend assessment of decarbonisation of the marine transport sector and evaluate the commercial production and use of biofuels
Leader: Sune Tjalfe Thomsen


Title: Assessment of demonstration plants and commercialisation progress
Leader: Andrea Sonnleitner


Title: Phase 2 – Successes and lessons learned for advanced biofuel technologies commercialisation
Leader: Tomas Ekbom


Title: Inter-task project “Synergies of green hydrogen and bio-based value chains deployment
Leader: Franziska Müller Langer

Sustainability, Policy, Markets and Implementation Projects


Title: Implementation agendas compare-and-contrast report of each member country´s biofuels policies that have been/are being used to develop, deploy, and expand biofuels production and use.
Leader: Jack Saddler


Title: Assessment of the sustainability of biofuels pathways, including social and environmental aspects of sustainability, the specific CI impact of “new/advanced” feedstocks, and also further compare and harmonise leading LCA models to support biofuels categorisation and regulation
Leader: Glaucia Mendes Souza


Title: Improvement opportunities for policies and certification schemes promoting sustainable biofuels with low GHG emissions. Part 2: Robustness of GHG emission certification and verification – a case study of selected biofuel value chains and policies
Leader: Paul Sinnige


Title: Biofuel´s production and use status in “emerging” economies
Leader: Glaucia Mendes Souza