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The BC-SMART Low Carbon Fuels Consortium and IEA Bioenergy Task 39 held a joint, virtual webinar entitled, “Decarbonizing the trucking sector using low carbon-intensive fuels“, on 22 November, 8.30-10:00 AM, PST (5.30-7.00PM CET).

We were fortunate to have speakers/panel members representing organisations (e.g. OECD, REG, City of Vancouver, ST2) who are at the forefront of this area, with Dave Schick, from the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) acting as moderator. You can find more information about the webinar and the panellists in the flyer (click here).

Presentations Slides:

Dr. Jack Saddler- Introduction

Pierpaolo Cazzola: Opportunities to decarbonise road freight

Evan Dacey: Green Fleet Plan – City of Vancouver

Neville Fernandes: Bio-Based Diesel: Today’s Most Impactful Option for GHG Reduction and Sustainable Transportation

Don O’Connor: Decarbonizing the Trucking Sector

Webinar Recording:

The recording of the webinar can be watched Here

Advanced Biofuels Conference 2021The Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO) welcomes participants, online and on-site, to the 7th Advanced Biofuels Conference on 21-23 September, 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden.


Virtual Panel Discussion: “BC-SMART Biofuels Consortium/IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Panel Discussion- Decarbonising the Marine Sector: Progress and Aspirations

The  BC-SMART Biofuels Consortium and IEA Bioenergy Task 39  co-sponsored a free, “virtual”, panel discussion on 4 December, 2020 led by global leaders of the marine sector, which included ports, shipping and logistics, sustainable fuel production, and renewable fuel policy frameworks. During these unprecedented times, when the world is hoping for an effective post-COVID-19 economic recovery, the panel members were asked to discuss the progress and future aspirations of a global, more sustainable, marine sector.

The virtual panel discussion was held via Zoom on December 3rd, 2020 from 8:30-10:00 PST (11.30 – 14.00 EST, 17.30 – 19.00 Central European Time). The list of panel members and their short bios are summarized in the flyer.

The recording of the webinar can be watched Here

The panel discussion minutes can be downloaded here

Virtual Panel Discussion: “Crystal ball gazing: how do we decarbonise long distance transport during/after COVID-19″

The BC-SMART Biofuels Consortium and IEA Bioenergy Task 39 co-sponsored a free, virtual”, panel discussion involving senior representatives of  Canada’s oil refining, aviation, marine, rail/trucking and feedstock sectors.

The virtual panel discussion was held via Zoom, on Tuesday, 7:30-9:00 PST (10.30- noon EST), 30 June 2020. The list of panel members and their short bios are summarized in the flyer (click here).

The presentation slides can be downloaded here.

The recording of the webinar can be watched here.

Sao Paulo, Brazil- April 2019

In 2020, IEA Bioenergy Task 39 plans to hold its first business meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil in conjunction with The Brazilian Bioenergy Science and Technology Conference being held on March 30th– April 1st 2020.


Stockholm, Sweden- September 2019

IEA Bioenergy Task 39 is holding its second business meeting of 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden on September 16-17 in conjunction with Sweden’s 2019 Advanced Biofuels Conference being held 17-19 September.

Ispra Italy- May 2019

Joint European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC)/Task 39 workshop

The joint European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC)/Task 39 workshop was held on May 16-17 at JRC in Ispra, Italy. The theme of workshop was “Biofuels Sustainability – Focus on Lifecycle Analysis”. In addition to Task 39’s country members, many representatives of the biofuels industry participated including UPM, Neste, ISCC, REG, LBST, IFPEN, ENI, and Topsoe. The rationale of the workshop was to scope and discuss with top experts on future work items for the Task 39’s LCA model comparison work in the past three years. The previous work showed that LCA models function properly and it is possible to harmonize them with differences due primarily to different system boundaries, different allocation approaches and different assumptions that have been used to adapt to regional situations and to fill in data gaps. The workshop discussions were not limited to LCA and a broader view of biofuels sustainability, co-processing, development in the 14C method for tracking the bio-component in fuels, uncertainty in LCA, availability of sustainable feedstock, and uptake of drop-in biofuels were also discussed.

Workshop Program

Workshop Report


Vienna, Austria- November 2012

IEA Bioenergy Conference, 13-15 November 2012

Vienna“Colleagues from IEA Bioenergy Task 39 were well represented at the IEA Bioenergy “end-of-triennium” conference that was held in Vienna, 13-15 Nov, 2012.

The seven presentations in this file cover some of Task 39’s contributions to the meeting. We are fortunate to have excellent industry representation within our Task and the information within the talks indicated the excellent progress that is being made in moving forward in the commercialization of advanced biofuels.  Please contact the authors of each of the presentations if you require any further information”.  Contributions for the whole conference are available here.



Vancouver, Canada- August 2009

Biofuels & Bioenergy: A Changing Climate (Aug. 23-26, 2009)

Welcome Session
Jack Saddler

Plenary Session – Overview Session (Chair: George Weyerhaeuser Jr.)
Ralph Sims
Viviana Coelho
Miles Drake
Claus Fuglsang
Pierre Meulien
Download .zip archive of presentations

Plennary Session – Government Strategies (Chair: Josef Spitzer)
Jacques Beaudry-Losique
Kees Kwant
Jim Snetsinger
Download .zip archive of presentations

Plenary Session – Industry Perspective (Co-chairs: Jim McMillan and Janice Larson)
George Weyerhaeuser Jr.
Claes-Inge Isacson
Hideo Kawabata
Tony Sidwell
Download .zip archive of presentations
Plenary Session – Global Perspective (Co-chairs: Hosny El-Lakany and Adam Brown)
Werner Kurz
Stefan Bringezu
Luis Antonio Carrillo
Anselm Eisentraut
Tiina Vähänen
Don O’Connor
Download .zip archive of presentations

Parallel Sesion 1 Parallel Sesion 2 Parallel Sesion 3
Monday, PM, 24th August Crops & Sustainable Forestry for Bioenergy (Co-Chairs: Brendan George & Tat Smith)
Brendan George
Peter Ralevic
Blas Mola-Yudego
Darren Allen
Anthony Anyia
Jim Richardson
Tim Young
Jaconette Mirck
Timo TahvanainenDownload .zip archive of presentations:Part 1 | Part 2
Bioenergy Options: Upgrading Biogas, SWM and District Heating (Co-Chairs: Arthur Wellinger & Emmanuel Ackom)
Pat Howes
Judith Bates
Timo Gerlagh
Jürgen Vehlow
Matt Babicki
Arthur Wellinger
Anneli Petersson
Serge Guiot
Rudolf Braun
Taraneh Sowlati
Matt CarrDownload .zip archive of presentations
Policy Considerations on Liquid Biofuels (Co-Chairs: Warren Mabee & Les Edye)
John Benemann
David Baxter
W.H. (Emile) van Zyl
Tom Granström
Paul Grabowski
Axel Munack
Kishari Sooriya Arachchilage
Blaine Kennedy
Francisco GirioDownload .zip archive of presentations
 Tuesday AM, 25th August Global Perspective – GHG Balance & Sustainable Trade (Co-Chairs: Don O’Connor & Kees Kwant)
Mark Laser
Peter-Paul Schouwenberg
Bo Hektor
Kees Kwant
Peter Flynn
Anand Tripathy
Leif Gustavsson
Jon McKechnie
Douglas Bradley
Margaret GruberDownload .zip archive of presentations
Direct Combustion & Thermochemical Conversion (Co-Chairs: Ed Hogan & Jaap Koppejan)
Michael Jackson
Stephanie Trottier
Dejan Sparica
Martha Salcudean
John Olver
Jaap Koppejan
Kelly Cantwell
Jane Todd
Larry Baxter
Sudhager ManiDownload .zip archive of presentations
Progress in the Commercialization of Liquid Biofuels (Co-Chairs: Tony Sidwell & Manfred Wöergetter)
Chris Somerville
Alex Berlin
Niclas Bentsen
Adam Gagnon
David Humbird
Lew Christopher
Robert Jost
Erin Powell
Barbara Illman
Les EdyeDownload .zip archive of presentations
Tuesday PM, 25th August Socio-economic Drivers in Bioenergy Systems
(Co-Chairs: Bill White & Terry
Jyrki Raitila
Bill White
Ivan Pržulj
Ian Thomson
Warren Mabee
Terry McIntyre
Stephen Salter & Jim Savage
Paul Adams
Shahab Sokhansanj
Elizabeth CushionDownload .zip archive of presentations:
Part 1 | Part 2
Bioenergy Systems Analysis & Biorefineries (Co-Chairs: Henning Jørgensen & Bob Ingratta)
Gisle Johansen
Gerfried Jungmeier
Mark Downing
Douglas Singbeil
Peter Lübeck
Lauri Sikanen
Giuseppe Mazza
Gurminder Minhas
Gerry KutneyDownload .zip archive of presentations
Technological Advancements in Liquid Biofuels (Co-Chairs: Lisbeth Olsson & W.H. (Emile) van Zyl)
Lisbeth Olsson
Vince Martin
Adrian Tsang
Bernard Prior
Michael Paice
John Ruffell
Kecheng Li
Emma Master
David LevinDownload .zip archive of presentations:
Part 1 | Part 2



Vienna, Austria- September 2008

Transport Biofuels Research in Austria

On September 9th 2008, the Austrian representative of IEA Bioenergy Task 39 organised a national workshop on Transport Biofuels Research in Austria. This meeting was hosted by the Austrian mineral oil company OMV AG.
The goal of the workshop was to give an overview on Austrian R&D transport biofuel research activities, identify synergies between Austrian transport biofuels RD&D networks and to give recommendations for further research. The participants were the Austrian representatives of biofuel-related IEA Bioenergy Tasks (29, 33, 34, 37, 38, 39, 40, and 42), representatives of the Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and of the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Water Management and the Environment (BMLFUW), Austrian representatives of the IEA AMFA and the European Biofuel Technology Platform (Austrian Mirror Group), representatives of other governmental and funding organisations, and scientists. In total, 24 presentations were held.  With a total of 59 participants and a very broad program this workshop was a full success.
1 – Setting the Stage
2 – Feedstock and Sustainability
3 – Innovative Technologies
4  – Biofuels Utilisation
Poster Session

Cork, Ireland- September 2008

IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Session

University College Cork, Cork, Ireland – September 16 2008
On September 16th, 2008, IEA Bioenergy Task 39 worked with Jerry Murphy and his colleagues at University College Cork to provide a one day Biofuels Symposium to an audience of academic, industry, and government representatives from across Ireland.  The meeting covered a wide range of technology, policy, and implementation questions, with presentations from IEA Task members as well as invited speakers from a range of Irish institutions and companies.  About 100 attendees from across Ireland, as well as 12 of the other member nations of Task 39, were engaged in a stimulating series of sessions which culminated with a ‘Biofuel Debate’, considering some of the key questions that decision-makers have about liquid biofuels.  The symposium was sponsored by Sustainable Energy Ireland and the Environmental Protection Agency as well as IEA Bioenergy Task 39.  All presentations may be downloaded below.
1 – Opening Session
2 – Biofuel policy and practice
3 – Biofuel producers
4 – Biofuels in a Northern Climate
5 – Second generation biofuels in Ireland
6 – Biofuel debate


Vancouver, Canada – August 2006

Biofuels and Bioenergy: Challenges and Opportunities-  August 27-30 2006

A multitaskk IEA Bioenergy Conference, entitled “Biofuels and Bioenergy: Challenges and Opportunities” was jointly organized by IEA Bioenergy Tasks 29, 31, and 39, and hosted by the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia.  Meeting sponsors included IEA Bioenergy, Natural Resources Canada, the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, and the BC Ministry of Forests and Range. The conference brought together more than 130 experts from seventeen countries around the world, plus an additional group of local colleagues. Participants from North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa brought unique perspectives and helped catalogue the technical and political challenges facing the biofuels and bioenergy sectors.

Conference Agenda
Conference Proceedings
Opening Plenary: 
Hall – Welcome to IEA Bioenergy
Benskin – Welcome to British Columbia 
Saddler – Welcome to the Faculty of Forestry, UBC
Plenary 1 – Business opportunities in bioenergy (Chair: Avrim Lazar)
Kåberger – International growth in the wood pellet industry 
Sidwell – Developing value-added biorefineries in the UK 
Plenary 2 – Bioenergy to meet political challenges (Chair: Hosny El-Lakany)
Snetsinger – The mountain pine beetle: A forestry challenge
Erbach – Billion ton challenge: Meeting bioenergy fibre needs
Kaempf – Biomass technologies roadmap: Lessons
O’Connor – Meeting political and economic goals with biofuels
Plenary 3 – Sustainability and renewability (Chair: Jim Richardson)
El-Lakany – International perspectives on bioenergy and forestryCampbell -IEA and Canadian perspectives on bioenergy S&TLayzell – Sustainable bioeconomies: Opportunities/challenges
Plenary 4 – Moving forward (Chair: Jack Saddler)
Beaty – Gasification – new era of energy for the forest industry
Cherry – Developing novel enzymes for biofuel production
Wyman -Pretreatment: Unlocking low cost cellulosic ethanol 
Kimmins – Ecosystem management non-timber forest products
After-dinner Speaker
Innes – Climate change, bioenergy and forests


 A  B  C D
Parallel Session 1

Environmental issues (Chair: Andrew Weatherall)Curran – North American progress towards biomass removalHowes – Soil resource concerns in the Pacific Northwest 

Asikainen – Applicability, competitiveness and impacts

Biomass feedstock supply (Chair: Jim Richardson)Mani – Potential of using MPB-infested wood for pelletsMead – The role of plantations in bioenergy supply

Abbas – Guidelines for forest biomass harvesting

Schweinle – Potential supply from sustainable forestry

Feedstock supply & operations I (Chair: Brian McCloy)Gjølsjø – Biofuel from regenerating forest and thinningsYoshioka – GIS-based cost analysis of forest biomass in Japan

Sokhansanj – Development of a dynamic logistics model

Feedstock supply & operations II (Chair: Shahab Sokhansanj)

Laitila – Cost structure of forest energy supply chains / Finland

Johansson – Analysis of a self-loading road transport system

Parallel Session 2 Socio-economic and policy issues I (Chair: Julije Domac)

Socio-economic and policy issues II (Chair: Keith Richards)

Biofuel production issues I (Chair: Bill Cruickshank)

Bennett – Levoglucosan

Biofuel production issues II (Chair: Mo Mohamed)
Bettiga – Development of pentose fermenting yeast strainsvon Weymarn – Production of bioethanol from lignocellulosics
Parallel Session 3 Biofuel implementation (Chair: Manfred Wörgetter)
Benemann – Techno-economic assessment

International biofuels (Chair: Charles Wyman)
Wörgetter – Worldwide development of biodiesel

Environmental issues I (Chair: Terry McIntyre)
Carter- Soil characteristics of loblolly decline sites in Alabama
Sanchez – Forest slash and soil carbon
Kumarappan – Emissions trading opportunities
Olsson – Nutrient mass balance of whole-tree harvesting
Environmental issues II (Chair: Tat Smith)
McIntyre – Ecological ‘footprint’ of ethanol and biodiesel
Weatherall – Tracing nitrogen from decomposing harvest residues