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Implementation Agendas- 2018 Update: A review of key biofuel producing countries- May 2019

Implementation Agendas- 2018 Update- Executive Summary- May 2019

Task 39 Drop-in Biofuels- Full Report- January 2019

Comparison of Biofuel Life Cycle Assessment Tools- February 2017

Update on Implementation Agendas (2014)

Update on implementation agendas: A review (2009)

Biodiesel production: Technology and European providers (2007)

Biofuel implementation agendas: A review (2007)

New Reports, Documents and Links


Biofuels LCA models comparison- Summary Draft- July 2019

ATM Project (Assessment of likely Technology Maturation Pathways for biojet production from forest residues)- Executive Summary- June 2019

Task 39 Drop-in Biofuels- Executive Summary- February 2019

Task 39, CTBE biofuels LCA comparison Final Report (Phase 2 Part 1)- February 2019

Potential synergies of drop‐in biofuel production with further co‐processing at oil refineries

Comparison of biofuel life-cycle GHG emissions assessment tools: The case studies of ethanol produced from sugarcane, corn, and wheat

Report from AMF Annex 52: Fuels for Efficiency (including contribution from Bioenergy Task 39)

Project outline of AMF Annex 56: Methanol as Motor Fuel


Survey on Advanced Fuels for Advanced Engines- November 2018


Biofuels in Marine Shipping (2017)

Bioenergy role in balancing the electricity grid and providing storage options (A report by Task 41)

State of Technology Review – Algae (2017) (A summary published in Algal Research can be accessed here)


The Potential of biofuels in China (2016)

Mobilizing Sustainable Bioenergy Supply Chains(2016) – Intertask report

2014 and earlier 

The potential and challenges of drop-in biofuels” (2014) Read more
– Report on the activities of the various Tasks in IEA Bioenergy for the period 2010-2012 Download report
– Advanced Biofuels – GHG Emissions and Energy Balances (2012) Read more
– Status of Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Facilities in 2012 Read more.  Report in Chinese.
– Fuel and technology alternatives for buses IEA AMF VTT (2012) Download report
– Algal Biofuels – Joint Task 39 and AMF Exec Summary (2011) Download report
– Biodiesel GHG Emissions: Past, Present and Future (2011) Download report
IEA Bioenergy Annual Report (2011)
Bioenergy, Land use and Climate Change Mitigation (2010)
EU Report on Indirect Land Use Change (2010)
Current Status and Potential of Algal Biofuels (2010)