IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin

Issue No. 90 – November 2013 has been released and covers the latest news, publications and events in energy. Specific items include electric and hybrid vehicles deployment, greenhouse gas news and renewable energy technologies.

IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin

Issue No. 89 – July 2013 has been released and covers the following: 1. Transition to Sustainable Buildings – Strategies and Opportunities to 2050, 2.Spotlight on Advanced Metering Infrastructure, AMI Case Book, 3. Policy Pathways: A Tale of Renewed Cities, 4. Latest Technology Network projects, participants, publications, events.

IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin

Issue No. 88 – March 2013 has been released and covers the following: 1. First IEA regional technology study plots carbon-neutral Nordic energy system, 2. Promoting electric vehicle investment, 3. Renewing collaborative efforts to deploy CHP and efficient DHC, 4. IEA workshops pave the way for energy storage roadmap, 5. IEA Clean Coal Centre communications update 6. Latest Technology Network projects, participants

IEA-AMF Newsletter issue #1 for 2013

The first 2013 issue of the AMF IA Newsletter is now published and it contains the latest news on advanced fuels as well as contributions from a team of authors in Asia, North America and Europe.

US DOE-OBP, have posted a solicitation for bio-oil processing technology development.

The relevant Funding Opportunity Anouncement (FOA) is titled: DE-FOA-0000812: “Carbon, Hydrogen and Separation Efficiencies in Bio-Oil Conversion Pathways (Chase Bio-Oil Pathways)”

Link to the FOA:

 IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin

Issue No. 87 – December 2012 has been released and covers the following:         1. The past and future cost of wind energy, 2. Effects of penetration of emerging DER technologies 3. Designing better energy efficiency policies, 4.Securing the supply chains of solar PV and wind power

IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin

Issue No. 86 – October 2012 has been released and covers the following:  1. Technology briefs profile supply and demand technologies, 2. Energy technology R&D in emerging economies 3. Technology-forcing standards for energy efficiency, 4.Iraq Energy Technology Outlook to be released on 9 October

IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin

Issue No. 82 – February 2012 has been released and covers the following: 1. Along the Irish road to a sustainable energy future 2.Closing the loop on behaviour change theory 3. A new approach to financing renewable technology projects 4. Exploiting the full potential of energy efficiency 5. New IEA-IRENA partnership to strengthen technology and policy co-operation 6. New projects, new participants


IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin
Issue No. 81 – December 2011 has been released and covers the following: 1. Alignment of ENARD with ISGAN 2. An international vision for ocean energy 3. China wind roadmap targets 1000GW by 2050 4. Accelerating energy innovation 5. Costs of inaction – new paper from RETD 6. New perspectives on solar energy 7. IEA Ministerial: Our energy future: secure, sustainable and together 8. New projects, new participants


BIOMAP is a time-enabled mapping and dissemination tool for biofuels projects. It is based on the use of an electronic map (Google Maps) combined with a navigational structure linking interrelated entities. It maps activities on biofuels projects across different sectors and programmes, for example: bioethanol, biodiesel, European Commission Framework Programmes, National Programmes etc.


IEA OPEN Energy Technology Bulletin
Issue No. 79 – October 2011 has been released and covers the following: Results of the OPEN Bulleting Survey, IEA welcomes new Executive Director, 4E Motor Policy Guide and Motor Systems Tool, energy poverty: special early release of WEO 2011 analysis, joint activities and opportunities in CCS, new participants in IEA international R&D programmes and more


New NREL Report: Process Design and Economics for Biochemical Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Ethanol: Dilute-Acid Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Corn Stover
This report describes one potential biochemical ethanol conversion process, conceptually based upon core conversion and process integration research at NREL. The overarching process design converts corn stover to ethanol by dilute-acid pretreatment, enzymatic saccharification, and co-fermentation. Access the Report Here...


Launching of the BIOLYFE Newsletter
In this BIOLYFE newsletter issue, we would like to announce the first BIOLYFE workshop to be held on 7 June 2011 (14:00-18:10) in the ICC Berlin, Germany. Furthermore, the BIOLYFE newsletter provides a brief report on the progress of the construction of the BIOLYFE ethanol production plant in Crescentino, Italy, which started on 12 April 2011 with the Foundation Stone Ceremony.


Advanced Motor Fuels of the IEA
Please find attached the first issue 2011 of the AMFI Newsletter, with contributions from a team of authors in Asia, North America and Europe. We hope that you will read it with interest and forward it to the respective experts in your IEA Implementing Agreements.

National Advanced Biofuels Consortium Highlights
The National Advanced Biofuels Consortium (NABC) highlights are published biweekly and describe important NABC events and accomplishments.


Biomass for a clean-energy future – 11th Annual Bioenergy Australia conference

Bioenergy Australia, an alliance of 86 government and private sector organizations with an interest in the development of sustainable energy and products from biomass, held its 11th annual conference in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, in December 2010. You can access the conference report here…

Transportation Biofuels Research in Austria 2011
On March 31st 2011, a national workshop on Transportation Biofuels Research in Austriawas organised by the Austrian representative of Bioenergy Task 39 and integrated into the national conference “Highlights of Bioenergy Research”.