IEA- Task 39- Business Meeting Beijing, China 7-9 April 2018

Final Agenda, Meeting Minutes

Welcome to the IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Business Meeting- Jack_Saddler

Implementation agenda- Susan van Dyk 

Renewable Energy Directive II- Tomas Ekbom

Biofuels policies, current and future trends in Australia- Steve Rogers

RenovaBio- Brazilian National Biofuel Policy- Antonio Bonomi

Supporting Biofuels Production in Canada- NRCan Programs and Activities- Jack Saddler, Susan van Dyk, and Alex MacLeod

Denmark- Country Report- Henning Jørgensen & Claus Felby

Implementation agenda Germany & others, Ulrich Arnold, Franziska Müller-Langer, Nicolaus Dahmen

Biofuel situation in Japan- Shiro Saka and Satoshi Aramaki

Korea- Country Report- Jin-Suk Lee

Biofuels as part of Renewable Energy policy in the Netherlands- Timo Gerlagh

New Zealand implementation agenda Update – 2018- Ian Suckling 

Sweden, Country Report- Tomas Ekbom

United States of America Implementations Agendas- Report Input Highlights- Jim McMillan

Indonesia B20 Program- Paulus Tjakrawan

Survey on Advanced Fuels for Advanced Engines- Ulrich Arnold

The potential and challenges of drop-in biofuels production 2018 update- Susan Van Dyk

IEA Technology Roadmap: Delivering sustainable bioenergy- a key role for advanced biofuels- Adam Brown 

GREET Biofuel life cycle analysis and results- Michael Wang

Sustainability of biofuels and life cycle assessment- Don OConnor

Life cycle analysis for advanced biofuels- Mark Staples

RSB – an approach to Sustainability- Rolf Hogan

Sustainability of Alternative Aviation Biofuel- Nan Li

Sustainable Aviation Biofuel- Boeing’s Work in China- Elisabeth Martin

The role of biofuels in aviation- Robert Boyd

Waste to Wing: Converting Residues to Jet- Ken Lai

Biojet, Biodiesel and the feedstock supply chain in China- Shutong Liu

IEA Bioenergy Briefing -Jim Spaeth

Bio-liquid fuels in China- Prof. Tan生物能源

IEA Bioenergy- Sustainable Biomass Supply- Mark Brown

Gasification of Biomass and Waste- Recent Activities and Results- Timo Gerlagh_and Berend Vreugdenhil

IEA Bioenergy Task 34 overview Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction- Paul Bennett 

Cut-in Point of 2G Bioethanol Development in China- Hailong Lin

Fuel ethanol in China, status and brief outlook- Fan Li

Co-production Technology of Bio-diesel and Bio-lubricants from Non edible oil- Li Chang-zhu